De Waterkant Civic Association

The Cape Town City Council’s by-laws govern when building plans must be shared, and with who. Mostly, if there is any potential conflict, they will come to the DWCA for comment; often, they will also go to Heritage.

But in the spirit of good neighbourliness, we ask all property owners in the Village not to wait for the Council processes, and the Heritage processes, but to make sure that all those around you, and all those who might be impacted, have sight of your plans early on. It makes things so much easier further down the line.


De Waterkant is a Heritage Area, and as many buildings in the area are over 60 years old, these buildings are protected. The City has guidelines for developers aiming to restore or build in the area.

All plans need to be submitted to Council, and as an interested and affected party neighbours, as well as the De Waterkant Civic Association will be asked to comment. Although not obligatory, it is recommended that the developer and/or architect attend the monthly meeting of the Association to explain and discuss plans, making a copy (digital or otherwise) available for inspection.

A useful set of guidelines can be found here:

DWCA Land Build Environment and Land Use Policy