DWCA Annual General Meeting: 2024

DWCA Annual General Meeting: 2024

DHL Stadium Events Calendar – 2024

DHL Stadium Events Calendar - 2024

DHL Stadium Events Calendar – 2023

DHL Stadium Events Calendar - 2023

DWCA Public Meeting 5 December 2023 Minutes

Spider Clark Zita Joffe Andrew Sharp Heather Parker
WJ Bruwer Mary Bailey Steve Harley 
Cllr Ian McMahon Marc Truss, CEO of GPCID
Nizaam Samaai, Parking Technician, City of Cape Town
Seymour Joffe Gary de Klerk Lloyd Perry Andrew Matterson
Niels Colesky George Drummond Andrew Broome Marlene Reimers
Annie Loots Steph Rouillard Dewald Muller Karen Muller
Christian Alexander Allan Watts
Hilary Dennis Jenni Skibbe Sigrid McGregor JJ Nagel
Misha Nagel Deva Kaur Khalsa Lorna Knightley Elda Stork
Liza-Jane Saban Susan Clark


Spider welcomed all.

Adoption of minutes

  • Proposed by Heather
  • Seconded by Steve
  • Matters arising: none



Andrew Sharp


Includes detail shared in the

pre-reading pack

Financial position

  1. Bank balances at 27/11/2023 amount to R 322 867 of which R 297 217 is being held on a 32-day notice investment account.
  2. Financial Year 2023/2024 to date (from 01/03/2023 until 27/11/2023) Main Income in period (total: R 76 134)

– Membership fees R 11 020

– Park fundraising incl. maintenance/gardening R 23 390

– Film-shoot donations R 22 500

– Event contributions R 300

– Interest R 19 224


Main Expenditure in period (total: R 98 133)

– De Smit Park maintenance/investment R 57 214

 Appeal costs / Grey Hotel R 17 825

 Other improvement projects (planters) R 4 127

 Meeting expenses R 6 795

 Accounting incl. software R 5 825

 Advertising videos R 4 500

 Bank + SnapScan charges R 1 095

 Printing and copying R 1 053

The future

The priority remains full accountability and total transparency for all income received and expenses incurred. We welcome suggestions from members for projects or improvements which would enhance De Waterkant.


1. Can we use funds to complete the boxes on the embankment along Waterkant Street? Answer: ManCom to persist with seeking sponsorship but agreed to proceed for the additional 4 planters in the new year.

MembershipPrivate membership:

Includes detail shared in the

pre-reading pack


Zita Joffe

We continue to grow the private membership base, which now lists 134 households. On behalf of the DWCA Mancom, we would like to welcome new members and thank our existing members for their ongoing support. If you know of a fellow resident, new or longstanding, who may be interested in joining, please send Zita the details or they can contact her direct on 082 777 6444.
 The annual subscription has remained at R280 per household for many years. We have had to increase it slightly, to R300 per annum. The subscriptions run as a calendar year. January is the renewal month.
 Business membership
 The DWCA intends driving an initiative for business memberships, and seeks areas of common interest between DWCA and commercial businesses in the area to promote/ support interaction between members’ and local businesses.
Steve HarleyDiscussion focused on benefits for business members, and subscription fees, with agreement that the latter should be consistent with private membership. Steve Harley was mandated to drive the business membership recruitment and signing up.

De Smit Park


Mary Bailey


Includes detail shared in the

pre-reading pack

The Holiday Season is upon us and we have noted an increase in tourism and holidaymakers in our Village. Many are flowing in and out of the park and enjoying the serenity and community atmosphere. So the park is getting busier from not only our own community but also from neighbouring communities and friends & visitors using this wonderful resource. It is encouraging to see how people respond to a well-looked- after community-based park.
 We got together during our cold mid-winter for a fabulous rum cocktail evening sponsored by The Haven Rum Company. The event was held at 9 Bayview Terrace and at least 40 villagers joined in to have a fun, warm evening around the fire, to enjoy cocktails, home-made soup and community.
 The villagers raised their glasses and emptied their pockets, giving generously towards the new lawn needed for the park. We duly bought the lawn and got together on a rainy, cold day and dug in, planted and fenced the new lawn. The lawn was nurtured, grew and is now looking healthy, strong and ready for the summer season. Thank you all who assisted in this exercise.
 We so enjoy the involvement of the community in the progress of the park and have had many villagers joining watering teams and adding their advice on composting which is a valuable, much-needed resource we can develop. Thank you to all.

If you have hidden gardening gifts – the Park is the place to un-hide those gifts and join us on our working days, which enhance not only our lives and the lives of our community, but this serene piece of heaven. It is therapeutic all round.

We thank Marc Truss and his team and especially Raymond McMaster who has the teams clean our bins weekly and mow our lawn every two weeks. Thank you Raymond.

Our gardener Manuel Muchanganisso Dos Ndeue (AKA Manny) works two days a week in the park and keeps it looking amazing. A big thank you to Manny. And thanks to the those generous folk in the community and the DWCA, in supporting Manny’s payroll.

The herb boxes have been replanted and are flourishing with sweet basil, sage, tomatoes, marjoram, wild rocket and more. This is available for harvesting by the Villagers – but please leave herbs to become established before harvesting. Any additional herbs looking for a home are welcome.

Our famous Long Table Dinner in the park will be on 3 February 2024 (weather permitting). Save the date. We have a small team assisting us in making this a wonderful evening. Please join our organising team with your creative thinking. Would love to hear from you and have your support.

Enjoy the park and may many new friends be made and the community grow – and may no one ever feel lonely when there is a park such as this to enjoy, share and get involved. We welcome everyone.

Finally, we are always grateful for donations to pay for the upkeep of the park, and the occasional lawn regenerations. If you would like to make a donation, please use the SnapScan facility on the gate, or direct them via EFT to the DWCA at:


Account: 1031338640

Branch: 103109

Social media


WJ Bruwer


Not much happening. WJ, Mary and Zita can all post, and all are welcome to send updates to them.



Spider Clark


Includes detail shared in the

pre-reading pack

The Residents Parking Permit system was implemented as a pilot project by the City. We recently held a constructive feedback session with members from City Transport, Law Enforcement, Parking Management, and GPCID to review the current operations. Key topics discussed:

1. Review of past year’s operations: overview is that the pilot has proved mostly effective and had mostly a positive impact on the availability for residents’ and visitors’ parking.

2. Enforcement of residents’ parking area: we do have an enforcement presence, but the consistency and regularity of enforcement is of concern. Law Enforcement did undertake to concentrate additional resources, but this will


be ad hoc and not a permanent deployment, so whilst it helps, it’s a long way

from 1st prize.


3.  Wheel clamping: DWCA pushed strongly for this. Traffic undertook to develop the wheel clamping protocol, working with GPCID, for additional enforcement in the Residents Parking Areas.

4.  Statistics (as at 23rd October 2023):

 There are ±190 parking bays in the residents’ demarcated area

 239 Residents Parking Permit applications received & 220 approved

 4 Permits not yet collected

Total of 1,219 fines issued since enforcement started April 2023. Those fines are for all non-moving violations: illegal parking, red line, yellow line, loading zone, expired vehicle license, and failure to display residents parking permits. Fines are issued by both GPCID and City Law Enforcement.

 That is an average of 8-9 fines issued per day, Monday-Friday

 Value of all fines issued is R743,000. Average fine value R609.

 Of the total fines issued, 596 were for “Failing to Display Permit”.


5. Duplicate residents-parking permits: This is a major in-principle problem. Fortunately not many have been detected, but they exist and the City will take whatever steps needed to stamp out this illegal practice. The identity of duplicate permit holders is known to the City.

We appreciate the additional parking law enforcement resources being deployed, and the more regular and consistent presence on-street. Our objective is to expand and reinforce this enforcement practice even further, with DWCA driving the request for wheel clamping.

Way forward on parking permits from Nizaam Samaai

Permit holders should apply for their extension about 3 weeks before expiry. Approach:

 Make application – Parking.Info@capetown.gov.za

 Make payment (pro rata to City’s year-end, i.e. end-June 2024: R930 / number of months). Spider has asked whether this could be shifted to make it possible for one payment only up to June 2025. This will depend on whether the tariff is approved by Council at the beginning of 2024. City to advise.

 RESPONSE FROM ALL-DAY PARKERS: October 5 is when fining started. 72 vehicles were found without the R parking disc. By November 5 that number was reduced to 5 vehicles. Clamping is about to be enforced wrt residents’ bays (this isn’t City enforcement, but CID’s action). Associated fine is considerably higher. At 5pm, the clamp is removed irrespective of whether the fine has been paid (as parking enforcement is no longer applicable – discussion point to be picked up. Clamping is a new initiative so CID is finding its way).



1. Does the permit vest with a property or with the resident? Answer: the permit vests with the resident; doesn’t transfer when the property is sold.

2. The sun fades the writing? Answer: The City has noticed this and is trying alternatives when disc is issued.

3. How many permits per property? Answer: At this stage, any resident of any property can apply, with no cap on numbers. The unwritten practice has been two permits per property, managed on a case-by-case basis.

Built environment

WJ Bruwer


Includes detail shared in the

pre-reading pack

The DWCA Built Environment Sub-committee diligently reviews and provides feedback on new proposals, ensuring that approved plans are strictly adhered to and preventing major deviations.

The DWCA’s mandate in the built environment and building planning encompasses:

 Providing input on building plan applications within the HPOZ.

 Vigilantly monitoring and ensuring compliance with City-approved plans.

 Reporting any alleged transgressions of building plans that come to our attention to the City.

Please note that all work within a Heritage Protection Overlay Zone (HPOZ), including De Waterkant, should strictly adhere to approved plans. Any deviations, regardless of whether the building is a heritage resource, require written approval from the CCT and must be shared with relevant stakeholders, such as DWCA, HWC, and Land Use, before implementation.

All submissions to CCT should prominently display the DWCA stamp and a unique reference number.

For any inquiries or submissions related to building applications or development, please contact the Built Environment Sub-committee for comments and approval.

Here are some notable developments:


Grey Hotel: With the professional assistance of Dr Stephen Townsend and attorney Leon van Rensburg, the DWCA appealed the recent Municipal Planning Tribunal’s approval of the proposed development plan. Grateful thanks to Dr Townsend and Mr Van Rensburg, as well as the many DWCA members and residents who contributed and played active role in pursuing this welcomed outcome.

We are very pleased to announce the Appeal Tribunal has upheld our Appeal and has ruled the following:

 Trafficable rooftops and public access not approved.

 No rooftop developments approved for 13 Jarvis and 47 Napier.

 ‘Sky Bar’ and rooftop access on 49 Jarvis remains with strict conditions i.e. Hotel guests only, internal access only, reduced trading hours, bar to be removed, pergola to be removed.

 Extraction chimney to be relocated out of sight.

 Steel staircase to be removed.


 Rezoning allowed from General Residential 2 (GR2) to Local Business 2 (LB2) to permit for hotel and restaurant to be closed by 22:00.

 Parking departure allowed.


 21 Loader Street: This matter has been referred to the City’s legal department. We await feedback from the Council as to the status of this process.

 1 Loader Street: This matter has been referred to the City’s legal department. We await feedback from the Council as to the status of this process.

 181 Waterkant Street: On 13th September 2023, DWCA provided comments on a proposed application for a permanent departure in accordance with the Cape Town Municipal Planning by-law. While the DWCA has not raised any significant concerns, there exists some confusion due to the submission of two distinct sets of plans within the proposal. The most noteworthy disparity between the two sets revolves around a steel roof featured in one set and a rooftop terrace in the other. The DWCA has not yet received any updates or responses following the submission of these comments.

 28 Jarvis Street: The DWCA provided comments on an initial proposal and had some objections to a few components of the original design. An amended proposal has been submitted to the City departments on which the DWCA provided comment on September 28, 2023.

 59 Loader Street: The owner is currently in discussions with DWCA for input on a development proposal.

 80 Waterkant Street: A proposed application for City approval and a permanent departure in accordance with the Cape Town Municipal Planning by-law application has been submitted to regularise building works completed some years ago. A dispute remains regarding the unfinished boundary wall between 80 and 78 Waterkant Street. The DWCA reserves comment for a number of reasons, including:

 Public space; the wall in question is built on council land in accordance with precedence already present in the streetscape.

 Sale/lease of stoeps; The DWCA’s position is that we do not support any interventions or steps considered by the City with respect to stoep ownership/leasing. If anyone needs a view of the DWCA position, please contact the BE subcomm.

 Design subjectivity, and the DWCA not being vested with the authority or mandate to issue rulings predicated solely on subjective inclinations,

 Neighbour dispute, where DWCA lacks the jurisdiction to intercede or render judgment in a dispute of this nature.

 Public Land Purchase (Dixon Street Parking Bay): An application for the purchase of two public parking bays by an adjacent property has been contested, and we are awaiting feedback from the City. Objection based on the fact that it has been


about 15 years of work to achieve a residents’ parking system, and it is wrong to

allow purchase of bays for private use.


 The Valour, Corner of Chiappini and Waterkant Streets: New 8-story apartment development with 52 new living units with no parking. The DWCA objected to this development some years ago, particularly due to the lack of parking, which will considerably impact the already scarce parking in the Village. The City has seemingly approved this development despite objections from the community. Please see their website for more information.

 Gateway Project: Some 11 hectares of land originally earmarked for widening of Buitengracht Street has been released by the provincial government to the City for development. This will seemingly include high-rise developments aimed at the affordable housing market amongst other things. Read more about it here.

Recently approved plans:

 Erf 342, 6 Bayview Terrace

Events & film


Deon Redman, ex officio contribution

Includes detail shared in the

pre-reading pack

Since lodging an objection to the amendment to the film bylaw which would. allow small shoots to no longer require permits, no further info has been received. We continue to be informed of all permit applications for the area, and actively engage with production companies prior to ensure smooth running within the parameters of shooting in the area.

With summer season in full swing, there is a significant increase in film activity. We continue to update the neighbourhood of upcoming shoots and their details on the WhatsApp groups.

No event permit applications have been received in recent months.


Noise & liquor


Spider Clark


Includes detail shared in the

pre-reading pack



No update on previous objection to The Charles on- and off-consumption application.

No new applications. There were no notifications from the City regarding non- automatic renewal of existing liquor licenses.



It’s getting to that time of the year. The protocols for dealing with this are on the

DWCA website; GPCID is the first port of call.


Question: Is private security in the buildings (CQ1 & 2) responsible? Answer: Yes. GPCID are support to them.

City & civicsCurrent issues we are dealing with include;

Includes detail shared in the

pre-reading pack

a)       Strand Street Quarry development. The DWCA has attended 3 of the 4 focus/working group sessions. The City has published a concept development plan for the area, and invited public comments.

In principle, the DWCA strongly supports the redevelopment of the Quarry property and surrounding area. We intend to engage actively and constructively in this matter, and intend providing support to all interest groups, acknowledging the Bo-Kaap Community has deep vested interests in the development of this precinct.

However, as noted in previous reports, the DWCA is deeply concerned with the parking concept plans showing parking areas – bus and public parking – closely abutting the rear of Loader Street properties along that stretch.

DWCA has identified this as a major area of concern and requiring further research, traffic impact assessments, and parking studies, all of which were highlighted in our comments and objections to be submitted to the City, closing date 4th December 2023.

b)       Safe Spaces. As previously reported, the City’s Land Use Management

committee approved the departures applied for.

The matter was taken on Appeal by 18 objectors. The DWCA was not one of them.

The Appeal Decision upheld the LUMS Approval in a comprehensive 64-page Appeal Decision ruling. This document is available to the public and kindly drop us a line on communication@dwca.co.za if you want a copy.

The DWCA is pleased to report that included in the Appeal Decision is inter- alia the provision we had pushed for in the LUMS Approval, namely; to elaborate and consult further on the Operational Plan for Safe Spaces, specifically information on the enforcement resources to be deployed in the precinct when operations commence.

This requirement is stipulated in the conditions of the Appeal Decision. The City has not yet published any timelines for this project, but the Safe Spaces building project is expected to commence first quarter 2024 and occupation/operational mid-2024.

c)       Provincial Pavement Testing Laboratory proposed development. Yes, there is a property with this name, acronym PPTL.

The property is located at Chiappini, Somerset, Buitengracht, Prestwich….so it is technically not in the DWCA precinct. This is a mixed-use development to activate and upgrade this property, which falls within the bigger masterplan of the City Gateway Project. It is also technically not a “City” project as the development footprint comprises both provincial and City-owned land.

The DWCA is however involved in giving comments and public consultation with the consultants on this project.

This is an ongoing matter and DWCA will provide further report-backs in due course.

d)       City/Cell Mast Application (Old Cape Quarter). No further response from the City.

 City/Public Comment on Amendments to Bylaws for Non-finable Building Transgressions. No further response from the City


Report from Marc Truss

Eyes and ears in the Village are working – thanks to all. Some pointers:

 We need to be careful about opportunistic crime (e.g. doors left open; goods left in cars; laptops left on the coffee shop table when you go to the loo)

  Don’t walk through alleys or in dark areas in the small hours – CID is available to escort if needed.

 It’s fire time: mountain is dry. The number to phone is 107 from a landline or 012 480 7700 should you see fire or risk of fire.

 Short-term rentals are throwing up problems: disruptive parties; and instances of theft. Organised robbery may look like house-movers, or builder teams. If you are aware of renovations underway when the property owner is away, please let CID know that the workmen are legitimate.

Input from Cllr Ian McMahon

 Grey Hotel – We got the best results we possible could have, a function of sticking to it, getting the right people in to support us, and being judicious in how we ask for help.

 Eviction court case held. The Acting Judge reserved judgement. We were expecting judgement by end-November but it’s still pending. Comments suggest the eviction will be granted, though likely only in the new year.

 Safe spaces – see City section.

 Stoeps and encroachments – see Built Environment for more on 80 Waterkant. The issue is the regulation of use of stoeps attaching to properties which stoeps are technically on City-owned land. The City has historically “let sleeping dogs lie”; however, a recent application to formalise the use/lease of stoeps has raised the matter.

1. Sale of stoeps; It is unlikely the City will pursue a policy to sell the stoep land portion because (a) once you own it, it becomes part of your bulk, which allows you to build on it; and (b) there are heritage issues and (c) you would pay rates on it.

2. Stoep Encroachment; the City recently issued letters on this matter to various property owners in De Waterkant. The City has subsequently agreed to suspend any further action and to withdraw these letters pending further consultation and agreeing a way forward. This puts all discussions about leases of stoeps on ice pending.

3. The DWCA’s position on the sale and/or lease of stoeps is documented and

has been previously submitted to the City when comments were requested.

 Ward allocation – There is still some R30k in hand; automatic timed irrigation device is in the pipeline; trees may be an option.

 Events – Many applications in CBD and Green Point. Affecting us: Rugby 7s; some runs, some rugby games at Stadium; annual NYE party at V&A incl permit for 5-

minute fireworks display; Theuns Jordaan tribute concert in January at Stadium.


 Café Bougie (nightclub under Rockwell) forced by body corporate to install a noise measurement device. Suggestion that DWCA might consider making this a condition of giving support to new venues about which there are noise concerns.

 No extended liquor license application (the 02h00-04h00 slot) was granted in Sea Point in the last while because it has become the narrative for the area – something to think about.

Other matters

– Blossom (EPWP) is retiring on December 20. She has been sweeping our streets for many years (she says she is in her 18th year). Along with GPCID, DWCA plans to do something for her to thank her for her smiling presence.
ClosingThe meeting closed at 20h00

The next public meeting is the AGM on March 5, 2024.


DWCA Public Meeting Notice and Agenda

DWCA Public Meeting Notice and Agenda

Mancom Meeting Minutes

Mancom Meeting Minutes

Mancom Meeting Agenda

Mancom Meeting Agenda

AGM – Annual General Meeting

AGM – Annual General Meeting