December DWCA open meeting: the details

Calling all DWCA members: our last open meeting of the year takes place on Tuesday December 7th, 6pm-7.30pm.

It’s a digital meeting: the link will be shared on the DWCA WhatsApp group, so keep an eye on that.

The agenda:

  1. Welcome and attendance (Spider leads)
  2. Adoption of minutes and matters arising (Spider leads)
  3. Treasurer report
  4. Update from Cllr Ian McMahan
  5. Inputs from GPCID & questions (Marc Truss leads)
  6. Subcommittee reports
  • Streets, parking, security (Spider leads)
  • Social, community, membership (Steve, Zita, Mary)
  • Built environment (Spider)
  • Events & film (Deon)
  • Noise
  • City & civics (Annie)

Any other matters (facilitated by Spider)


Really hope to see you there!