Management Committee 2020/2021

The year is well underway…

…And your MC has been ticking away in their various roles. Just so you know who we are, and how to contact us:

The Chair is Spider Clark; and you can reach him on

The Secretary is Heather Parker, on

The Treasurer is Ian McMahon who, on his appointment as a Councillor for our ward, is handing over to Gary de Klerk

Annie Loots continues to do a fine job of keeping in with the City and other civic bodies

Peter Bateman heads up membership and community; and

Steve Harley joins Gary on noise and heads up marketing.

Regrettably, we’ve lost from the MC Helet Merkling who has been an absolute gift to De Waterkant through years of her particular brand of quiet and pragmatic activism. Though carrying an extraordinary workload, she continues to be a member and a friend to the DWCA.

Because of the weirdness of 2020, we held our AGM very late; from this year, we will go back to our regular March schedule for the AGM. Watch this space for the details, but do remember that in order to be eligible to vote, you do need to be in good standing.