Mancom Candidates 2020

Candidate If you could make one change to the Village, what would it be? What role/contribution would you like to make?
Spider Clark (existing MC) There is a loss of sense of community, and a sense of identity loss. I’d like to see that come alive again. Involvement in De Smidt Street Park, the parking management plan, and heritage issues.
Annie (existing MC) None Continue to represent De Waterkant in other civics, Ward Council meetings, police forum meetings etc; and the parking management plan.
Ian McMahon (existing MC: chair) I’d like to get more people involved in DWCA; for our Village to be more social. Treasurer, streets and parking.
Gary de Klerk (existing MC) The power imbalance around development is a real diminishing of the Village. Able to continue with current roles and able to support in others. De Smidt Street Park.
Heather Parker (existing MC) I’d like the Village to understand that stepping up for civic roles is hugely rewarding – I’d like to see more engagement among those who live here. Placemaking doesn’t happen by accident: it needs to be intentional, and it needs community. Every little bit we do to make the Village more delightful is in an investment in our own future. Governance; communication.
Helet Merkling (existing MC) Heritage village enhancement through improved traffic and environmental management and greening. Legal consultant.
Peter Bateman (new MC candidate) Like much of the world at this time, the Village must be ready to innovate. It is difficult to know when the international tourist- driven economy will kick in again. Perhaps this is a mixed blessing since while a thriving tourist industry makes De Waterkant a vibrant place to live, it also creates issues with overutilisation of limited infrastructure and resources in a part of Cape Town where the sensible (and sensitive) preservation of heritage remains an important consideration. Although I’ve only lived here for a year, the change I would like to explore is how to transform the Village’s mise en scene from one that largely caters for the short term tourist market to one that focuses on enhancing the lived experience for residents. Let us create the vibe, a developmental pathway that focuses on the elements that contribute to our lives as residents and invite others in to experience what De Waterkant has to offer in a managed way. For the foreseeable future, the foreign tourist may be reluctant to visit our part of the world, and the local populace may be staying at home (in SA). This breathing space may offer us an opportunity to create a well- planned, sensitive campaign encouraging folks to explore something less transitory, more established – right nearby. Such a strategy could pay dividends in the longer term once tourism opens up again while not over-running what led us to live here in the first place. What is that saying? ‘Local is Lekker’. My key interests are around the community and social aspects of creating and supporting a thriving neighbourhood. The Village has such potential to become one of South Africa’s premier residential arts & culture, health and culinary hubs. Now more than ever, folks are looking for opportunities that reinvigorate the positive aspects of their neighbourhood that has been locked down for too long. As a resident, my stand out experiences have been those where I have connected with other locals in a uniquely ‘village’ way; exploring opportunities to enhance our lives while being mindful of others. And yes – people will always come and go from this place – that is part of its dynamic charm – but for those of us who have chosen to reside here, the Village should continue to offer us something quite special – if we choose to nurture it.
Steve Harley (new MC candidate) The Village should continue to promote commercial activity in retail and services. Many businesses have suffered and have been lost. The area cannot simply become mostly a short / holiday let zone. It needs more business activity and long term residents. I am happy to fulfil a secondary role in just about any sub-committee; however, my lack of knowledge of City organisations means licensing and City liaison are not my preferred areas.