Meet your Management Committee

The DWCA Management Committee for 2021 was elected at the March AGM

In terms of the Constitution, ManCom has also coopted three new members for specific support roles on the committee.

The committee is:

CHAIR: Spider Clark (2020 Chair). Contact him at


SECRETARY: Heather Parker (2020 Secretary). Contact her at

Deon Redman (previous ManCom member, back again, leading the film and events portfolio)

Gary de Klerk (2020 ManCom member, leading the noise portfolio)

Annelien Loots (2020 ManCom member, holding the City portfolio)

Steve Harley (2020 ManCom member, leading the digital communications portfolio)

Zita Joffe (co-opted, leading the membership portfolio)

Mary Bailey (co-opted, joining Steve and Zita in the community portfolio)

Willem Bruwer (co-opted, joining the built environment portfolio)

ManCom is a volunteer role. We thank all for their contribution.