Reminder of city of Cape Town water bylaws

The dams are 95% full, and water restrictions have been lifted, but bylaws still apply

Dams supplying the metro increased by 2,4% in the last week, to 95,6%. Daily water consumption for the same period decreased to 732m litres per day, compared to 739m the week before. At the same time last year, dam levels were at 77,1%.

Though restrictions have been lifted, the bylaws always apply. Here is a useful refresher for residential properties:
Outdoor water use and groundwater

  • Water before 09:00 or after 18:00 (to avoid evaporation losses). This applies to municipal drinking water, and is recommended for alternative water e.g. borehole and well-point water.
  • Automated sprinkler systems must be correctly positioned and adjusted to prevent wastage.
  • Hosepipes used for watering, or washing vehicles, boats and caravans, must be fitted with a flow-control device such as a spray nozzle or automatic self-closing.
  • No hosing down of hard-surfaced or paved areas with municipal drinking water. Put that power spray away and sweep.
  • Publicly accessible outdoor taps must be secured.
  • Alternative water sources like boreholes and well-point water must be used efficiently.

Efficiency of taps, toilets and showers

  • The maximum flow rate of showerheads is seven litres per minute.
  • That of taps installed at a washbasin is six litres per minute.
  • New or replaced toilet cisterns may not exceed six litres in capacity.

Swimming pools

  • Must be covered to avoid evaporation when not in use.
  • Automatic top-up systems fed from a municipal drinking water source to supply swimming pools and garden ponds are illegal.


  • Check your water fittings and pipes regularly.