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City of Cape Town

Building applications that have departures that are deemed to affect the adjacent properties or have impact on the area are advertised for public comment. These adverts are all placed on the city website. You can check the details of the applications and make a submission via e-mail directly or via  CityConnect.

If you would like to submit a service request, report a fault in your area or log an issue, you can do so via the City of Cape Town customer call centre at 0860 103 089 or online at . The City of Cape Town’s service request application ensures that you are able to report issues or send requests to the correct line department, such as:

  • animal carcass removal
  • blocked stormwater drains
  • electricity outage/ unscheduled outages
  • graffiti and stolen or vandalised City property
  • uncollected refuse or waste
  • tree removal and cutting
  • tree root, trimming, pruning
  • illegal dumping
  • leaking water pipes
  • maintenance of open spaces, parks and public spaces
  • mowing of vegetation
  • noise nuisances
  • problem buildings (abandoned and derelict buildings)
  • public toilets/ ablution facilities unhygienic
  • speeding and traffic offences
  • traffic calming (speed bumps), new or damaged street signs
  • unruly or inappropriate behaviour
  • unscheduled water supply disruptions
  • vagrants and illegal squatting

These are the numbers you call, and when:

• For any life threatening emergency which requires assistance from enforcement authorities or rescue services, call 107 from a landline, 112 (toll-free) or 021 480 7700 from a cell phone

• For general enquiries incl water, electricity, accounts and motor vehicle licences call the City’s 24 hour customer call centre on 0860 103 089 or .

• For all Transport related queries call the 24 hour free Transport Information Centre (TIC) on 0800 65 64 63 from any phone or . Issues such as potholes, flooding, fallen trees, open manholes and chemical spills are also reported to the TIC.


  • 24 hour Illegal occupancy / land invasion hotline: 021 596 1999
  • Toll free cable theft hotline: 0800 222 771
  • Vandalism hotline: 021 480 7700
  • The toll free street people line: 0800 872 201
  • The toll free 24 hour Alcohol and Drugs hotline: 0800 435 748 (0800 HELP 4 U)
  • Solid Waste hotline for issues including illegal dumping, wheelie bins and general cleaning on 0860 103 089; 021 400 4302 or

Noise Complaint

Noise is a perennial problem in the Village – both music from venues


Community Contractor Recommendations

The DWCA has pleasure in sharing service providers recommended by the residents of the Village. 


Developmental Programmes



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